The very first vacuum flask in the world was designed and invented by the University of Cambridge scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892 as a result of his research.

UK TOMIC is an enterprise specially engaged in research, designing, manufacturing and selling vacuum insulated flasks and kitchen cookware, UK TOMIC is also a global brand with over 500 stores in China, UK TOMIC is probably best known today for its first application of medical stainless steel on vacuum mugs. UK TOMIC is the distinguished name in terms of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, unfavourable oxidation, unfavorable heat bilges cold shrink. 

There are variety of vacuum insulated flasks that suit your everyday needs, for example thermal flasks for your office, for your family gathering, camping trips, for ones who will always enjoy a good run around the block. In addition to all these flasks, UK TOMIC is specialized at a self-heating and keep warm flasks that is powered by your car, suitable for people who like a nice fresh cuppa on the go.

UK TOMIC continuously works with bright designers from around the world. Our mission is to give you the opportunity through our products and services to enjoy your life. 


New Vacuum Insulated Drinking Flask_480ml, Christmas Red

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Procelain Enamel Coffee Thermal Mug 700ml black

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Car self-heating Thermal_350ml soft feel black

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